17 May 2020

A new beginning, maybe?

By ollietrex

It’s nearly halfway through 2020, were in lockdown because of coronavirus, and me and my wife are attempting to do our jobs remotely while homeschooling our two children. At the start of the year I tried to start my blog again after a few years gap but it did not happen. I now have a little bit more time and have started exploring some new ideas and thought it was time to start blogging again.

I talked about learning Rust this year but after a few failed starts because of lack of time I decided that sticking with .NET Core and learning Docker, Kubernetes (K8’s) and deploying using GitHub actions as a start so that’s been my aim for the last few months and it has been a great learning experience which I would like to write about.

Along with learning some new technology I have also redicovered my love for running and mountain biking so have spent the last few months exploring new trails and running the mountains I have not visted in the last few years.