18 May 2020

Running with the kids

By ollietrex

I love running in the hills, I love running alone, in fact, I generally just love going for a run. The thing I love most is going for a run with my kids, I started with our youngest at about 9 months old and he is now nearly 6 years old and rides his bike when we go for a run and our youngest now 2 took his place in the running buggy. We run the trails, we run the roads, the main thing is it gets the kids out and we get to have the chats in the fresh air. The kids know nothing else so think going for a run or a bike ride is the coolest thing going, our oldest even likes riding up hills sometimes.

I would highly recommend if you have kids no matter how slow they are take them out for a run with you and enjoy the time together in the great outdoors.