I tried to restart my blog in 2020 but then Covid-19 hit, I changed jobs internally at work and suddenly its 2021. The kids are another year older, were in lockdown #3 with no end in sight so I decided to try start my blog again from scratch.

This time I am trying something a little different with my blog. It used to hosted on a beefy virtual machine in Azure using free credits from work. What’s the fun in that? NONE! So, this time it’s being hosted on a 512mb LXC container in Antwerp I found on LowEndTalk for $10 for the year. I could have probably gone smaller; I have read about 256mb WordPress instances but I decided that this is a nice starting place.

This year I hope to write a bit more about my new role I started in the middle of last year as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) for a truly global scale product and the things I have learnt about engineering at a scale. On the side I plan to get back to playing with linux, devops and containers and documenting a few of the things I have done.

So that’s the plan… lets see how it looks in 2022 🙂