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Books & Blogs for 2021

I was a feedly addict until the middle of this year and would spend probably an hour every day consuming the latest trends in tech and keeping up with what the tech giants were doing. Since the start of Covid-19 I changed what I would call a positive habit of reading tech blogs into the destructive habit of reading the depressing main stream media about the Covid-19 pandemic. I am going set the aim this year to read two books and a blog every week:


Site Reliability Engineering – This in some circles would be called the bible of SRE, it was certainly the first book about SRE and is a great read. I have read it once before a few years ago but I am going to take the time to read it again this year.

Chaos Engineering – I have a been spending part of my time in work over the last 6 months working on ideas for production testing / chaos engineering. I have been meaning to get around to reading this book for a while so it’s going on my list as a new read to give me some more ideas into my research and implementation of Chaos Engineering.


High Scalability – I have been reading this blog for the past few years, every Friday they would post links to interesting blogs and quotes from the past week about scalable architecture. Seems since Covid-19 the frequency has dropped off but when they do it’s a delight to spend the weekend reading about what the latest companies in tech are doing and what they are deploying.

It’s not a massive list but I think with everything that going on its nice to start small, complete some goals and add to the list rather than realizing I am never going to complete a whole list of books and giving up before the first hurdle.

Any one got any other suggestions for good books or blogs?

Where did 2020 go, its 2021?

I tried to restart my blog in 2020 but then Covid-19 hit, I changed jobs internally at work and suddenly its 2021. The kids are another year older, were in lockdown #3 with no end in sight so I decided to try start my blog again from scratch.

This time I am trying something a little different with my blog. It used to hosted on a beefy virtual machine in Azure using free credits from work. What’s the fun in that? NONE! So, this time it’s being hosted on a 512mb LXC container in Antwerp I found on LowEndTalk for $10 for the year. I could have probably gone smaller; I have read about 256mb WordPress instances but I decided that this is a nice starting place.

This year I hope to write a bit more about my new role I started in the middle of last year as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) for a truly global scale product and the things I have learnt about engineering at a scale. On the side I plan to get back to playing with linux, devops and containers and documenting a few of the things I have done.

So that’s the plan… lets see how it looks in 2022 🙂